The new sculpture in the gardens at Grange station, 22nd April, 2015.



Councillor Tricia Thomas, Mayor of Grange-over-Sands unveilling the new sculpture at Grange station. 

Public Art IV 2014/15 by students from Furness College in Barrow and Lancaster & Morecambe College.


Right: Vicky Shaw (left) with students inside Ulverston station

Anna Farmer of Lancaster & Morecambe College with her art at Arnside station. 


Cassie Houghton (with Millie)  with her art panel at Arnside station.




Mike Banks, also from Lancaster & Morecambe College, with his art panel at Arnside station, 6th February, 2015. 


Craig Giles from Furness College with his large art panel, sponsored by TransPennine Express, at Ulverston station. 


Monika Furmanska from Furness College with her large work of art sponsored by the Furness Line CRP at Ulverston station.


Meg Rawlinson with her art sponsored by Swarthmoor Hall at nearby Ulverston station.
Scott Raynolds with one of his art panels at Ulverston station.


James Barr's art panel, sponsored by Northern Rail, at Kents Bank station.


Jake Crawshaw's  art panel sponsored by Northern Rail at Kents Bank station


Tanya Park and Bethany John's art panel for Grange Civic Society at Kents Bank. 


Vikki Campbell's art panel at Silverdale encouraging passengers to also visit Ulverston.


Kimberley Wood's work of art welcoming passengers to Ulverston's railway station. 



Scott Reynolds' art panel sponsored by the Arnside & Silverdale AONB at Cark station.


Victoria Shaw's wildlife scene sponsored by Prom Art at Silverdale station, close to the RSPB's nature reserve.




Barrow Dock Museum sponsored this work of art by Emily Green at Silverdale station.


Prom Art of Grange sponsored Reese Bebbington to produce this work of art at Silverdale station.


Student art at Arnside and Silverdale stations, 2013.


Left to right: Seaneen Price; Becca Smith, students; John Lambert, senior lecturer at Lancaster & Morecambe College; Stephen Bradley, National Trust, kneeling; Peter Robinson, Chairman of the Furness Line CRP; Tony Ryden, kneeling; Barbara Henneberry, AONB Sponsors, and; Jim Trotman CRP Officer. (Molly, Barbara’s dog is on the left).



And at Silverdale station: 

Left to right: Becca Smith, student; Tania Crockett, RSPB; Seaneen Price, student; John Lambert of Lancaster & Morecambe College; Annabel Rushton, RSPB, and; Jim Trotman, CRP Officer.

 Peter Robinson, Chairman of the Furness Line CRP, with Seaneen Price and her work of art sponsored by the RSPB.

Left to right: Tania Crocket,Community Engagement Officer with the RSPB, Becca Smith, Seaneen Price, Annabel Rushton, Marketing Officer with the RSPB, and John Lambert from Lancaster and Morecambe College at Silverdale.



Seaneen Price's art panel, sponsored by the RSPB.


 Art by Becca Smith of Lancaster & Morecambe College at Silverdale station, sponsored by the National Trust.


Becca Smith at Arnside with National Trust sponsor Stephen Bradley. 


Tania and Annabel of the RSPB at Leighton Moss - proud sponsors of  station art.



Art sponsored by the National Trust and executed by Becca Smith at Arnside station.


Another work of art by Becca Smith at Silverdale but sponsored by the Arnside & Silverdale AONB whose office is on Arnside station. 



Another work of art by the prolific Becca Smith but sponsored this time by the Arnside & Silverdale AONB, whose office is on the opposite platform. 




A panel by Sarah Hardie, above, and sponsored by the RSPB Leighton Moss Nature Reserve, just a five minute walk from Silverdale station.  

There is a long term plan to create direct access from the station at Silverdale into the RSPB Leighton Moss's car park for easier access to the popular nature reserve.


Becca Smith with sponsors Barbara Henneberry and Tony Ryden of the Arnside & Silverdale AONB. 

Student art exhibitions at Grange and Ulverston stations, 2013.  
The double art panel sponsored by PromArt and made by Dale Forster.   The art made for Grange Civic Society by Stephen Booth.

New art brightens up the waiting room at Grange station. 

Two works of art, for the RSPB and Bay Models, brighten up the wall inside Ulverston railway station.   
 Jodie Ashdown's art at Ulverston station sponsored by Barrow Dock Museum. Kayleigh Lomas' art panel at Ulverston station sponsored by Bay Models of Carnforth.
 The art made by Sarah Hardie for the RSPB, Leighton Moss, at Ulverston station. Jodie Ashdown also completed a work of art sponsored by Amanda Hunter (Silversmith) at Grange station. 
Chantelle Blakeborough's work for Grange Now inside Grange station's waiting room. Dale Forster's work sponsored by S&P Thomas at Grange station. 
Grange-over-Sands Civic Society's welcome to Grange - the artist is Stephen Booth.  Art enhancing Grange station, inside and outside. 
The Deputy Mayor of Ulverston, Helen Irving (plus grandson) with  Liz Critchley of Barrow Dock Museum and Germaine Chatterton of Furness College who supervised the art project for Grange and Ulverston stations. Kathryn O'Brien of TPE with County Councillors Mark Wilson (left) and Barry Doughty, plus Mike Walsh (right) of Furness College.  
The station gardens at Grange - more local pride in their station. 

Kathryn, Alan and Mick from TransPennine Express - proud of their station at Ulverston. 


Other recent events   

Many members of the Furness Line Community Rail Partnership attended the launch of the Discover Cumbria by Train leaflet at Barrow station. In total, 100,000 copies have been produced and are available from staffed stations and tourist information outlets.


Iain Aldred from Northern Rail, Claire McLean from the Lake District National Park, and Matt Worman and Mick Elliot from TransPennine Express at the launch of the new "Discover Cumbria by Train" leaflet at Barrow station.
Recent art at Barrow station, June, 2012. Recent art at Carnforth station, May 2012.
 Cllr. Wendy Maddox with MP John Woodcock, plus students and lecturers from Furness College at the opening of Barrow station's art exhibition on 1st June, 2012.  (JT)  Michael Williams (front right) with students, lecturers and sponsors at Carnforth station on the 26th April, 2012.  (JT)


Steve Johnstone from TransPennine Express with  young artist Chris Holden.  (JT)



Looking across the tracks to the Gallery wall on Carnforth station. This is on the platform for trains on the Furness Line for stations to Barrow and for trains via Skipton to Leeds.  (JT)



 Mick Elliot, Stations Manager for TPE, with John Woodcock, MP, and Cllr. Wendy Maddox, Mayor of Barrow, at the opening of the art exhibition on 1st June, 2012.  (JT)

 Michael Williams with staff from Lancaster & Morecambe College at the opening of the art exhibition  along platform 2 on Carnforth station on 26th April, 2012.   (JT)

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Furness Railway Seat - Grange  Gull on Northern at Barrow
Furness Railway Seat at Grange station.  JT

Gull at Barrow station.

Laurel and Hardy at Ulverston.         JT  Lifting new deck panels for the viaduct at Arnside, May 2011.     JM 
 The gallery in Kents Bank station.   JT   Inside The Beach Hut gallery at Kents Bank station, Summer 2010.     JT




Ulverston Station's refurbished canopies, June, 2011.


Under Ulverston station's refurbished canopy. 



Ulverston's historic station buildings     JT  Grange over Sands station 
Lindal Tunnel 2010        DW  Kents Bank station and gallery    JT



Silverdale station looking towards Arnside 

Carnforth station looking towards the main line to Lancaster, Manchester and London 



Grange footbridge nearing completion for re-opening on 9th May, 2011.       JT

The tide is in at Arnside.    AJ



The train to Barrow arrives at Dalton.    AJ 

Cafe at Holker Hall in the spring.    JT 


 Stan and Olly in front of the Coronation Hall and tourist information centre in Ulverston.                   JT  A steam train leaves Haverthwaite station for Lakeside, May 2011.               JT
 The new gift shop at Haverthwaite station on the L&H Railway, May 2011.       JT  The new buildings at Haverthwaite station in May 2011.                    JT
 Inside Lakeland Miniature Village and Oriental Garden at Flookburgh; a 10-15 minute walk from Cark station.   JT  Sunset as seen from Arnside looking towards Grange-over-Sands.      JM
 PROMART - the arts and crafts on Grange promenade.  Famous Morecambe Bay Shrimps.           CTB