Lanternhouse is in Ulverston on the edge of Cumbria’s Lake District, it is a place where artists, curators and creative thinkers come to work on new ideas or produce new work.

We believe Lanternhouse is the catalyst for people to debate, experience and participate in contemporary art and culture. It is a place where ideas, art forms and people collide to create a special energy and atmosphere.

Lanternhouse, as an organisation, has a strong sense of place, being for and part of its community, making a home-from-home for artists and creative people and inviting people in to experience what's been made 'on the premises'.

Lanternhouse is a locus revealing the interrelationships between art, life and people.

Lanternhouse is not a run of the mill presentation space; we like to do things differently. We aim to be a friendly, professional and informal space to bring people together to experience good art.

It is a centre for the research, development and production of art by artists, curators and creative thinkers. We offer the possibility of debate and exchange between practitioners, creative thinkers and people from Cumbria and beyond.

We do this through our three programming strands: Residencies, Commissions and Open Door.

We invite a diverse range of artists, curators and creative thinkers to live at Lanternhouse and in Ulverston and Cumbria to research and develop new work. They have access to a range of facilities: office space, project room, workshop, barn, music room and garden studio.

Art and projects are commissioned throughout the year for site-specific work that may respond to a situation or sense of place.

Open Door
Open Door is a highly participatory programme of workshops, talks, screenings and performance enabling our audience to see and experience the new.

A strong characteristic of what we do is to share our resources with other companies and groups - from our local community, from Cumbria and from further afield - enabling them to make their own work here and experience the special character of this unique space. 

This is important to us. We believe we have a role to play in supporting the wider arts ecology by sharing our resources wherever possible.  We extend this to include supporting amateur art and special interest groups by providing rooms for meetings and activities too.

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